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Cloud Based Application Among Recent Projects Awarded Ross Group Inc

(Dayton, Ohio, February, 2011) Ross Group’s IT Solutions Business Unit has recently been awarded the following development projects:

-- A project to design, develop, and deliver a cloud based software application with the goal of increasing sales for a client and improving call center operations. The Microsoft .NET framework and SQL Server database technology based application provides sales productivity tools, data capture, and the ability for customer’s to sign agreements on-line. The cloud model deployment will reduce time to delivery and will eliminate additional capital expense for the client. As an added advantage, the call center was able to begin using the software before it was completed. Their sales have increased with the largest productivity gain coming from a 20% improvement in their sales close rate. More improvements are already in the planning stages.

-- A project for a large regional hospital system to implement a data driven research application to improve its orthopedic care facilities. The application will provide more timely and more complete information to doctors than is possible with the current technology.

-- A Dayton based national firm requested a project to automate financial transactions. Currently the firm mails thousands of checks daily. This project will reduce their processing expense and improve their cash management by significantly reducing the time cash is unavailable to them while the "checks are in the mail."