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Universal Veterinary Information System (UVIS) Software Agreement

Atlanta, Georgia (Oct 12, 2010) Ross Group Inc, a leading supplier of enterprise software to veterinary teaching hospitals and labs in North America, announced an agreement with the University of Georgia Research Foundation (UGARF) that redefines ownership of the Universal Veterinary Information System (UVIS) software product.

UVIS was developed for the University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine to manage their veterinary teaching hospital and laboratories. Seeing opportunity for broader marketability, Ross Group and UGARF entered into an agreement in November 2000 for Ross Group to market the UVIS product. This new agreement, entered into September 20, 2010 provides Ross Group joint ownership of the source code while removing the exclusive license to develop and market UVIS. Additionally, Ross Group retains all rights to the "Universal Veterinary Information System" and "UVIS" names and their associated logos.

"Our association with UGARF and the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia has been fantastic. The UVIS product that we developed with them is now in use at eleven other teaching hospitals and labs. The pending expiration of our past agreement had created some doubt in the community as to the future direction of UVIS. This new agreement removes that uncertainty and clears the way for future Ross Group support and investment in the product. We developed UVIS from the ground up and have been supporting it for the past ten years so our team has a very strong personal and professional tie to the product and the community. Now we can look forward to continuing that effort and continuing to grow UVIS in the veterinary community" said Wendell Riley, Director Veterinary Solutions Division.

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