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Ross Group Inc Bringing UVIS Portal to University Veterinary Teaching Hospitals and Laboratories in North America

Atlanta GA January 12, 2011 -- "UVIS (Universal Veterinary Information System) is an enterprise level software package that manages all major aspects of hospital and lab operations," explains Wendell Riley, Director of Veterinary Solutions at Ross Group. "By using Ross Group software and services, University Teaching Hospitals and Labs position themselves to continuously enhance animal care and client service through the application of technology. Currently done manually with considerable human intervention, the UVIS Portal applies new technology to improve the timeliness and availability of referring DVM and client communications, while at the same time freeing hospital staff who were previously managing these communications to focus more time on animal care."

"The Veterinary Medical Center at the University of Minnesota has had a long history with Ross Group and Ross has proved very responsive to meeting our own specific needs, as well as the unique needs of teaching hospitals," explains Pat Berzins, Director of Operations for the Veterinary Medical Center of the University of Minnesota. "Through this collaboration, the VMC and UVIS have evolved to a web-based EMR system that produces accurate and comprehensive data to facilitate service, research and teaching, as well as critical business decisions at the hospital and college levels. Recently Ross Group proposed a new referring veterinarian interface. This new functionality will allow us to automate referring DVM and owner communications to a level that we could not achieve in the past. It is another example of the benefits we have seen from our use of UVIS and our relationship with Ross Group. It is our hope that this line of innovation continues and more services built on UVIS are offered to help us serve our external clients and thus strengthen our relationship with them. We are confident that our sustained association with Ross will continue to drive success at the VMC and the University of Minnesota."

Richard Spanier, President of Software Solutions at Ross Group, explains that "We were recently able to apply technology from another market we service to help satisfy a need in the Veterinary Hospital and Lab market. This will help us extend both the functionality and the life of our UVIS product and it is backed by a substantial knowledge base across our company. This is a significant milestone in the UVIS product life cycle that will allow us to respond more economically and efficiently to market demands in the future. That, coupled with our Veterinary Teaching Hospital and Lab industry expertise, positions Ross Group to lead the market in new directions for many years to come."

"We are already doing market research with regards to larger clinics and individual veterinary practices", explains Mark Ross, CEO at Ross Group. "By applying new technology to our UVIS products, we are positioning ourselves for the hosted SaaS and Cloud models that are required to support that segment of the market. By leveraging our expertise along with the extensive industry knowledge in veterinary management software, we will be positioned to lead new and expanding markets with an advanced feature set required by the trends we are currently seeing across all markets."

The University of Minnesota, with its four campuses, is one of the most comprehensive universities in the country and ranks among the most prestigious universities in the United States. It is a state land-grant university, with a strong tradition of education and public service, and a major research institution, with scholars of national and international reputation.

Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio with an office in Douglasville, Georgia, Ross Group Inc is a leading supplier of software to University Veterinary Teaching Hospitals in North America. UVIS provides both an enterprise level Hospital and a LIMS System that integrates seamlessly for a complete solution to those veterinary organizations that require both. For veterinary organizations that require only one application, both the UVIS Hospital and LIMS System can run independently.

For additional information about our veterinary software, visit the Ross Group web site at or contact Richard Spanier, President, Software Solutions at (770) 942-5629 or via E-Mail.