Cloud Membership Software

PeakAMS, cloud-based association management software, help organizations manage their member bases through the convenience of a browser based interface with no additional infrastructure costs.

PeakAMS is built specifically for associations that would rather spend their time and resources running their organization and leave their software management to professionals.

PeakAMS helps you:

  • 1
    Minimize your Infrastructure Investment
  • 2
    Lower your Transaction Costs
  • 3
    Attract New Members
  • 4
    Retain More Membes
  • 5
    Improve your Understanding of your Members

Membership Software
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Our customers are larger membership organizations that want to minimize their investment in membership processing software.
With a member base approaching 15,000,000, we are the experts in membership with CRM and MRM.
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  • Mark A. Shaw, President and CEO - AAA Southern New England
    “ MemberzPlus is not only a superb product from a reputable company, it will help us build a better understanding of our member relationships through their transactions with us. And, it has an attractive ROI.”

Modern Technology

We employ state-of-the-art technology, so all you need is an internet connection and a browser.

Proven Security

We are a PCI Compliant Certified organization and have taken extreme measures to protect your biggest asset: your members. Many of the organizations we support are selling insurance and financial service products to their members. We understand the importance of securing your member data.


Through a rules engine based on a dynamic design we can support any business need. From specialized validation handling to detailed pricing structures you control how each transaction is handled.
Membership Rules Editor You can even create on the fly profiles to track new member information to be analyzed and used in future marketing campaigns.