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Remote DBA support of enterprise databases has been viable and in practice for over twenty years now. Much has changed over the last ten years with improved technologies. These improvements have elevated the remote DBA standards in place today and our CommitDBA services are designed to provide an optimized model for outsourced Database Administration.

Remote Database Management
Our CommitDBA Programs

Under our DBAManage program you receive end to end remote DBA services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the use of best-in-class Foglight monitoring tool, your databases are checked every 5 minutes for any problems that may occur. DBAManage is a cost effective approach with a proven support model to achieve your Oracle or SQL Server managed service requirements.

Our DBAOnCall program offers supplemental on-demand support. We offer guaranteed ability to reach a Primary or Secondary senior DBA based on timeframes established for your organization in times of major database problems or outages.

We offer DBAProject services for companies that are in need of assistance with a specific database project. We specialize in planning, scoping and executing database projects such as migrations, major upgrades, high availability, disaster recovery and more.

"DMAX has been using CommitDBA Managed Services for several years to monitor and manage our Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases. DMAX has been able to concentrate on other business and technical issues and rely on CommitDBA Managed Services to keep our databases up and running. DMAX has also been able to utilize Ross Group's technical expertise to migrate and upgrade our existing databases."
- Dwayne Hopkins, IT Manager DMAX

"I was looking to add a DBA expert to my staff, and that’s exactly what CommitDBA provided."
- Charles Chamberlain, Director of Information Technology – Cleveland Golf|Srixon

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